It’s 2018 & your Instagram feed has replaced the traditional business card. Blogger or not, a cohesive, ascetically pleasing feed is achievable + highly suggested if you want people to pay attention to your page. From personal and professional experience, I’ve picked up some user friendly tools to help get your Insta feed POPPIN’.

How to make a theme


Some may argue that the feed of your Instagram isn’t as important as content quality/quantity, & while I will agree that quality content is VVV important, neglecting to have a cohesive theme is a huge mistake when it comes to attracting followers, customers + brands. A well thought out feed shows that you actually care about your content, your feed + your brand image. & if you care about it, other people will feel the need to care as well.

From a blogging perspective, this is one of the most important things to watch + maintain. If someone new comes across your page & they can’t tell what your vibe or style is from looking at your feed, you’ll come across as undecided/unintentional with your posting, which makes it hard for people to decide if they like your page. Not to mention, when brands scope your page they’ll easily be able to tell if you’ll be able to produce badass content for them – or if you’ll just throw something out there half-ass.

As part of my day job, I have to scout out influencers/bloggers to collaborate with my client’s brands. The organization of feed along with quality of content are the main deciding factors if someone looks professional enough to work with. Brands don’t want someone who *kinda* cares about their appearance on social media. They want people who are obsessed with it, so into it that every detail of their feed, website & content projects their personality + style enough that the brand can trust them to represent them effectively.

& this doesn’t just apply to bloggers. From small businesses to large corporations, a cohesive feed is essential. Investing in digital marketing to build a presence on social media is more important than any paid advertising you can find.

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So now you know WHY you need a fire feed.. but how do you get there?

The first step is deciding on what kind of feed you want. There are a bunch of different styles to choose from such as color coordinating, tile themes, incorporating black&white, + so so so much more.

Read this post by Later on how to acheive the ascetic vibe you want.

Filler shots are another great way to make your feed look more professional + helps break up all the selfie photos, adding a more creative + vibey look to your brand. They may not get the most engagement compared to other posts, but they’re worth it in the long run. If you feel like your engagement slows down from flat-lay posts, try posting twice in one day with a lifestyle + filler post to drive more traffic to your page.

If the style you’re wanting looks too intimidating to accomplish, start with something more simple, then transition into your dream theme. It will warm you up on thinking strategically with your feed & equip you with the right mentality to tackle a more complex, integrated theme.

& last but not least, STICK WITH IT. Don’t get discouraged if you run out of content or are struggling to keep up with your feed. Make it a priority + keep it up. You’ll eventually get the hang of it & that feed will be looking prime time in no time.


There are a ton of apps you can use to plan your feed including Later, Sprout, Planoly + more. But my fav is Preview. It’s probably the most simple, basic as far as functionality goes, & that’s why I like it most. I use it purely for the ascetic of my feed, as this app doesn’t have a scheduling feature like others do.

Personally, I like to manually post my own content, as well as my clients, because I don’t trust auto-posting + it’s better for me to get that final look, but everyone has their own system. I’ve found that for my personal account it’s so much easier to go into Instagram, build out a post with photo, caption + tags, then refer to Preview to know what photo is coming next when it comes time to post. Scheduling apps don’t have the flexibility of pre-tagging accounts, & this is V important when doing brand collabs or tagging photographers.

As always, this is my experience + preference when it comes to planning my feed. Try out a few of theses apps + tips for yourself, then tailor a process that works best for you. & if you have any secrets to making a fire af feed, share the wealth & comment them on my latest IG.

Xo, LK


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