I’ve written a post which included my confession for the love for Google Calendar a while back, but it’s honestly gotten to a point where a whole post dedicated solely to my daily boss is V necessary.

How to stay productive throughout the day

I put everything in my calendar, like no joke, everything. From meetings to deadlines, personal goals and hanging out with friends – if I’m doing it IRL, it was probably on my Google Calendar first. Now, I won’t sit here and claim that Google Calendar is the best calendar app out there. I’m sure there are others that are just as efficient, maybe with cooler features and such, but there are a few reasons I LOVE Google Calendar and will remain loyal to its service.


Obviously, because it is a spawn of Google, the app easily syncs with gmail invitations to events and makes it super easy to send and receive updates, reminders, etc. when planning a meeting or event so everyone is on the same page. But beyond that, other applications and websites sync to it as well, such as ClassPass and MindBody. I can book a class or session through these websites and can add it to my calendar with the location, time and description with the click of a button. The convenience is VVV appreciated, especially when studio hopping and booking classes at new places.


This feature is insanely helpful for work meetings, but also for personal reminders. Because everyone has access to the same event when it is planned in Google Calendar, you can add and edit the description with a meeting agenda, attach photos and files to the event and add website links, making it easy to communicate things prior to the actual meeting. When making personal events, such as grocery shopping (yes, i even schedule when i grocery shop) I can add my shopping list into the description so I’m not bouncing around apps all day looking for information.


My personal calendar looks like a little kid spilled tubs of paint across it – and I LOVE. It makes it so easy for me to glance and see when I’m free, busy, how many workouts I have planned or have done, etc. My office hours are scheduled in green, meetings red, and workouts yellow so they pop off the screen. Blogging events are pink (duh) and my personal agenda is blue. It might look chaotic to others, but to me it’s so satisfying and informative to look at.


Along with sharing single events, you can also share a whole calendar with other people. With multiple clients at my job, I’m able to make specific calendars for each client, share them with my team and said client, and everyone is able to add events as we go. You can hide them as well, so if you only want to look at one schedule, or only want to look at your personal schedule, you can hide the ones you don’t want to see and it isn’t as busy to look over. Along with this, I’m able to share my personal calendar with my team, but not the event details, so if I have an event scheduled and mark it as “busy,” it will show up to my team that I am unavailable during that time without telling them what I’m doing. (thank god, b/c people might judge me if they see i have “wash hair” scheduled in my calendar)

These are just a few reasons I am a total slave to my Google Calendar. Try it out for a couple weeks and you’ll know what I mean. Or maybe you won’t – maybe you don’t like to be organized and productive. Live your life, I’m not your boss.

Xo, LK


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